meet signic.

where travelling means safety.

signic is a sensor that measures psychophysiological motions.


what can we measure?


heart activity

in the near future:

thermal comfort

acoustic climate

respiration parameters

motion during sleep

what's innovative?

measurement method does not require any user activity
- it's contactless.

available measurement of psychophysiological motions, not only physiological ones.

zero time required for operation or cleaning, unlike classic wearables.

no discomfort or problems with power supply.

you see - the PROBLEM is...

...that feeling tired and being tired
are two separate things

- and we're not able to state this objectively.

but technology is.

how can Signic work?

what if we were able to react to a problem in advance
and avoid a disaster?

sensor in a seat

problem detection

info to a dispathcher who can remotely stop the vehicle

or if we could ensure proper sleep and rest, thanks to which the probability of an accident would be considerably lower?

sensor in a mattress

sleep monitoring

tiredness management

not only about safety...

we spend 24 years sleeping.

- how do we take care of ourselves during this time?


a platform that makes you improve your sleep by improving your lifestyle.


integrate data from a signic sensor, smart home technology or wearables and optimise your daily environment.


Signic has been supported within the EIT Digital Venture Program 2020 and has been co-funded by EIT Digital. The EIT Digital Venture Program is an ARISE Europe activity.

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let's make travelling safer - shall we?